Thursday, February 11, 2010

This rabbit is hilarious....  Great story, and fun advertisement for comcast.  I found when searching to see if fiber optic speeds are available to me in Boulder...  Here is how to find out if it is available in your zip code:
Also note Business Class is required if you need a static ip.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Colorado Winds (cool 10 min video clip from the dvd)

In a posting from Brian Jones, fantastic sail maker at ...he made the following comments...
January 2, 2008 – 5:46 pm
When I am visiting other parts of the country people don’t seem to comprehend that I have been racing one-design sailboats for over a decade in Colorado and Wyoming. Isn’t it mountainous ski country to the west with semi-arid high plains to the east? Yes and the lakes are mostly man-made where the sailing season can be shortened by things like low water levels and snow-outs. Each season we typically have a few races that are run inadvertently as windward-windward courses (180 degree shifts), or we may have a race day that consists of a time-out followed by a race where the fleet puts a reef in. The average wind conditions, I would say, is light, but with enough patience it may often become heavy. The wind here in Colorado is best described as fluky, from light to heavy air.
An ambitious Colorado sailor just released a fine quality DVD called Colorado Wind. It has been graciously uploaded to the web under the Sailing World (magazine) website. It was the first time in a while that I viewed this website and it has many improved features. One of which is a video section that is like a sailors youtube. In addition to the typical forum it has a photo contribution area and a users logbook. You can sign up for a free user which I did and the profile is similar to a sailors myspace. As an introduction to the improved Sailing World website I recommend you take 10 minutes to view the Colorado DVD here. My Ultimate 20 has a brief appearance in the video but luckily it is not one of the two with spectacular crashes.

Here is a link to the 10min cut of the Colorado_Wind DVD

I have thoroughly enjoyed having raced with Brian Jones on his Ultimate 20.   What a blast!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

HelloAddress as an extension to HelloWorld using Gaelik in Groovy

I discovered a fun online programming console, which is easy to drop in some Groovy code, and it compiles it for you and shows the results.   Cool interface.   Check it out here:

...and the technologies used are:  Google App Engine GAE + L+ Y=groovy + K to make it a unique search term...
as well as the template service called, and

and how to make really big databases fast using sharding.
  and a few other sites of interest...  how to develop  (allows connecting to data behind your firewall) allows developers access to product catalog and store information found on Developers can build interesting mashups utilizing this data.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Teach Yourself Programming in 10 years

Interesting article by Peter Norvig, Director of Research and Development at Google.   ...about how it takes around 10,000 hours of practice to become world class in a topic.   ...and to learn something new, just start having fun with it, from the beginning.   So, I am having fun with the Grails framework.  Here is a video of Guillaume Laforge "Head of Groovy Development" talking about using it on google app engine.  (Grails is an application framework written in Groovy, which runs on anything that has java on it.)  I think of it is a cool rapid prototyping tool which actually can build a stand alone compiled application that can be dropped onto any website that supports java.  Cool stuff.  Here is a rapid intro to Groovy (with Guillaume's fun French accent too!)

Also, am curious to hear how my brother's experiment goes with using one of intel's X25-M 80gb solid state harddrives as his boot drive on his computer...instead of a SATA 7200rpm 500 terabyte drive, or a 1.5TB 5900rpm drive.    It seems that performance should improve around 10x....or stuff should load in 1/10th the time that it was before....when reading from the harddrive.   but not all solid state drives have the same performance, so it is important to get one of the "good" ones.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A fresh new look

I am definitely enjoying all the fresh powdered sugar snow that we just received in Boulder!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ian Ferrier's Corsair Trimaran

A few fun links out there...
Diesel Electric Advantage ossa powerlite system
Diesel-Electric Marine Propulsion Systems and Accessories

47ft cat, two 35hp motors, two 25kw generators

43ft cat

eLeopard two 20hp motors 1 diesel generator

two 800hp motors, five 200kw generators, 73ft motor yacht

AND Of Course....Ian Farrier designed a new racing trimaran... F32SR
10m 32ft only 2500lbs!,146.html

check out the main sheet blocks at around the 2 minute mark. 3 blocks on top, 3 blocks on bottom, and a double fine tune block in the middle! Going about 11knots in about 11knots wind speed with the big red asymetrical spinnaker.

NewZealand, EloTri 701 Solar Electric Trimaran
Length 6.8m (7.0m with optional anchor bowsprit)
Beam 2.5m
Weight 900 kg
Draft 0.5m
Motor 3 kW
Batteries 8 x Deep Cycle.
Solar Panels 3 x 175W

12foot waves Germany

Formula 60 Trimaran 'Ocean' 32 knots

38.7 knots Nokia sponsored 'Ocean' Trimaran flying up on 2 hulls

Corsair F-31 snags racing mark

two Corsair 31's Sailing on Buzzards Bay

Corsair F-24 at 13knots
Sailboat hits almost 20knots, in good wind.

Corsair 31ft trimaran being sailed by kids...